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S*Esteticas Zazo

IC Gucci of Emmelis EditionšŸ”BSH ny 25
IC Gold Rubinia d'OaxacašŸ”BSH ny 11
EC Bluegold Nougat d'OaxacašŸ”BSH ay 11
Silver Wynona d'OaxacašŸ”BSH ns 11
Donyosabuk Tough Enough (Tuffingen)šŸ”BSH ns 12
CH S*Spinner's Peggy SuešŸ”BSH ns 11
IC S*Hypnotique's Stello (Stello)šŸ”BSH ny 12
S*Catpearl's Biwa Pearl (Biwa)šŸ”BSH ns 11
CH Pennydown MaverickšŸ”BSH ns 11
IC Xanadu vom Maegdebrunnen (Xani)šŸ”BSH ns 11
Teddy vom Haus AdenšŸ”BSH ns 12
GC, IP Silver-Donna von QuintanašŸ”BSH ns 11
EC Asterix of Sarsen StonesšŸ”BSH ns 11
PR+EC Cosima of Sarsen StonesšŸ”BSH ns 11
EC&EP FIN*Casahin Sir Henry (Henkka)šŸ”BSH ns 11
IC S*Esteticas Ywette (Ywette)šŸ”BSH ny 24

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