Our kittens and litters

We have no kittens for sale right now. But check Coming litters to see whats in the pipe.

We are postponing our breeding plans due to health issues in our family.

About our kittens

We raise our kittens with love and knowledge.They usually live in the kitchen for the first few weeks to be in our centre of attention. Later they have the run of the house. All the adult cats help in raising the kittens and teach them how to behave like cats. We know how important the first weeks are to give the kitten manners and self-confidence and give each kitten lots of time, care and attention.

The kittens are sold registered in SVERAK, fully vaccinated (at the age of 9 and 12 weeks) against cat enteritis and cat flu, examined by a vet, marked with ID microchip and they don't move out before the age of 12 weeks. SVERAK is the largest Swedish cat society and affiliate of the international society FIFe.