About Helmy, Bernt and our cattery

A short description of Helmy, Bernt and our cattery S*Esteticas.

S*Esteticas holds a SVERAK breeders diploma and we are members of Östkatten which is an affiliate of SVERAK. SVERAK is the largest Swedish cat society and affiliated with the international society FIFe.

We have been breeding British shorthair cats (BSH) since 1988 in our cattery Esteticas. At first, we had some litters of bicolour but later "just" British tipped, mostly black silver tipped and black golden tipped. The colours were earlier called chinchilla, shaded silver, shell golden and shaded golden. More about the colours Genetics. Our cattery name is meant to associate to beautiful and aesthetic cats. Pronounce it with the stress on the second "e". Esteticas has been on Internet since 1999.

We, namely Bernt and Helmy Nilsson, have "always" had cats. Or maybe vice versa, the cats have had us. We raise 1-2 litters in a year, thus having a lot of time to give each kitten the love and attention it needs. Look at the pages of Kittens to see what we have available. The Our cats are first and foremost pets and have the free run of the house. Except our stud (when we have one), who has two separate rooms to live in when he can't be with us. Shows are great fun but is extremely exhausting for us, and we only attend very few.