IC S*Esteticas Ywette

Probably the first golden spotted Brit in Sweden. Ywette has moved to her new owners, S*Hufflepuffs, as she did not quite thrive with some of our other cats. Here fiance, Femmans Räser Rune, lets her be the queen and rule the roost. He has given her new litters with beautiful kittens.

Here Ywette got two litters, Z-litter and E-litter, from which we have kept IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed and GIC S*Esteticas Eloisa Enya.

PKD-negative (ultra sound testad 1998-04-17 Lennart Nilsfors).

Name:IC S*Esteticas Ywette
Colour:ny 24 (black spotted tabby golden)
Sire:IC&IP S*Qwirrilin's Amoletto (Gråben)
Dam:IC S*Esteticas Tindra
Some offsprings:S*Esteticas Eloisa Eila (Zoi), GIC S*Esteticas Eloisa Enya, S*Esteticas Epeli Eino, S*Esteticas Epeli Esko (Nallo), S*Esteticas Zappa, IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed, S*Esteticas Zelda, S*Esteticas Zorro
Some siblings:S*Esteticas Ymer /P/M, S*Esteticas Yngwie (Morrison) /P/M, S*Esteticas Ypsilon /P/M
Pedigree:Show the cats pedigree

Images of the cat

Five generations Esteticas britter, EC Sunshines Fia, EC S*Esteticas Mister Moonshine, IC S*Esteticas Tindra, IC S*Esteticas Ywette and IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed
IC S*Esteticas Ywette med Z-, A- and B-litters 6 weeks
S*Esteticas Epeli Eino, S*Esteticas Eloisa Eila (Zoi), S*Esteticas Epeli Esko (Nallo), GIC S*Esteticas Eloisa Enya 3.5 weeks and IC S*Esteticas Ywette
Z- and A-litters 1 day med Quicksilver Sparkling Parade (Cassandra), IC S*Pymans Jule Frida, DM and IC S*Esteticas Ywette
Z-, A- and B-litters - nr 1 and 2 weeks med IC S*Pymans Jule Frida, DM, Quicksilver Sparkling Parade (Cassandra) and IC S*Esteticas Ywette
IC S*Esteticas Ywette, IC S*Pymans Jule Frida, DM and S*Esteticas Ymer
S*Esteticas Ymer, Yngvie, IC S*Esteticas Ywette and S*Esteticas Ypsilon 4 months
S*Esteticas Ypsilon, S*Esteticas Ymer, IC S*Esteticas Ywette and Yngvie 14 weeks
IC S*Esteticas Ywette 1 year
IC S*Esteticas Ywette hylla
IC S*Esteticas Ywette i gröngräset
IC S*Esteticas Ywette ligger