Welcome to Esteticas British shorthairs

Breeder of British shorthair cats in Sweden, with the colours shaded silver, chinchilla, shell and shaded golden, also named british tipped. Here you will find lots of photos, pedigrees and other info. We sometimes have kittens for sale.

News & updates

Zinnea has moved back in with us.2017-08-05
Sadly our friend and co-owner to S*Esteticas Zinnea has passed away. S*Esteticas Zinnea has moved back in with us and our other cats. We hope all of us are going to get along well.
Photos and info about our new cat from Russia.2017-02-18
A long time ago Linda Peterson Wahlqvist and we decided to together try to import a cat each. Luck was with us and the russian breeder Elena Tolmachyova with the cattery name Viva Vogue let us have two of her kittens. The result are our kitten Viva Vogue Vivien Leigh (Viva), a silver tipped british shorthair female och Lindas kitten Viva Vogue Ocean, a golden tipped british shorthair male. Click om the name of the cat for photos and more info. Thank you Elena for letting us have these wonderful cats!
Older news & updates
Four generations IC S*Esteticas Syster Sötnos, S*Esteticas Unessa, GIC S*Esteticas Eloisa Enya, S*Esteticas Yoshi, S*Esteticas Ylang-Ylang and S*Esteticas Yoda
Three generations S*Esteticas Ylang-Ylang, S*Esteticas Yoda, S*Esteticas Yoshi, IC Laurin vum Rousegaard (Luxen) and S*Esteticas Unessa - nr 1
R2 and S2 litters 11 weeks
GIC Holtas Lindus ute 3 years
IC S*Esteticas Iris 4 years
S*Esteticas Odessa ute 1.5 years
Five generations Esteticas britter, EC Sunshines Fia, EC S*Esteticas Mister Moonshine, IC S*Esteticas Tindra, IC S*Esteticas Ywette and IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed
Zingfro Peach Melba, DM and S*Esteticas Pondus (Kasper), IC+GIP S*Esteticas Pretty Poppet (Poppis), IC S*Esteticas Princess Peach (Sessan) and S*Esteticas Pascha 2 weeks - nr 1
EC & EP S*Esteticas Cyber Chip (Kille) huvud 3.5 years
GIC S*Esteticas Eloisa Enya 3 years
K-litter 11 weeks and L-litter 9 weeks - nr 1
S*Esteticas Kayenne 3 years