Welcome to Esteticas

Breeder of British shorthair cats in Sweden, with the colours silver and golden tipped, also named british tipped. Here you will find lots of photos, pedigrees and other info. We sometimes have Kittens for sale.

We have kittens for sale in F2-litter.

  • New photos and a video of the kittens!
    Now there are new photos and a video of F2-litter, eight weeks old.
  • Fabian and Frost are for sale
    At last it is decided - S*Esteticas Figaro will stay in our cattery. S*Esteticas Fabian and S*Esteticas Frost are for sale.
  • Viva is mated to Viva Vogue Ocean.
    Viva Vogue Vivien Leigh is mated to Viva Vogue Ocean and if she gets pregnant the kittens in the planned G2-litter are expected around 2018-03-15.
  • Christmas photos of the kittens and grown up cats!
    Now we have new photos of F2-litter, four weeks old. And also some Christmas photos of our grown up cats.
  • New version of our site!
    At last, here is our new site! Previous version was from 2004. The pages look the same but the programs are new.
    Please, test the pages and send us comments. There are some content missing, but we add more bit for bit.
  • Photos of the kittens!
    Now there are photos of F2-litter, one week old.
  • We have kittens!
    S*Esteticas Unessa has kittens! 2017-11-24 three silver tipped kittens, all are probably males. More information will be added later.
  • Zinnea and Viva are HCM-negative
    Yesterday S*Esteticas Zinnea and Viva Vogue Vivien Leigh was ultrasoundscanned by Lennart Nilsfors. Both had nice, normal hearts without traces of HCM or other anomalies.
  • Unessa is pregnant.
    S*Esteticas Unessa is expecting kittens with Viva Vogue Ocean around 2017-11-21.
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