IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed

Our second and nowadays neutered studmale. He was just a few weeks old when we decided that he would not be sold but be Misters successor as a studmale. We thought he's got the look, the colour and the pedigree. Zed never made any attempts to charm "would-be" kittenbuyers, he just rolled over and slept again.

Zed now lives a luxurious retired live in Västervik without competition. He never accepted to be "demoted" as a breeding stud. Zed is neutered but he didn't care and wanted to be number one anyway.

PKD-negative (ultra sound tested 1999-11-18 Sven Ödman).

Zed fathered the D-litter and the G-litter in our cattery.

Development from kitten to big stud male:
Here a morph of Zed\s developement should have been visible. (if you see nothing use the following links)
Zed "Morphs": small (60 KB) and large (600 KB).

Name:IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed
Colour:ny 11 (black shaded golden/black golden tipped)
Sire:S*Spinner's Aha! Jama'ha Jamie
Dam:IC S*Esteticas Ywette
Some offsprings:S*Esteticas Dajm, S*Esteticas Dandy, S*Esteticas Dexter, S*Esteticas Diddie, CH S*Esteticas Dixie, S*Esteticas Golden Boy (Tusse), CH S*Esteticas Golden Delight (Goldie), CH S*Esteticas Golden Grace, CH S*Kristallkattens Elliot, CH S*Kristallkattens Esmeralda
Some siblings:EC S*Esteticas Ariel (Amie) /P, S*Esteticas Aurora /P, S*Esteticas Eloisa Eila (Zoi) /M, GIC S*Esteticas Eloisa Enya /M, S*Esteticas Epeli Eino /M, S*Esteticas Epeli Esko (Nallo) /M, S*Esteticas Zappa /P/M, S*Esteticas Zelda /P/M, S*Esteticas Zorro /P/M
Pedigree:Show the cats pedigree

Images of the cat

Five generations Esteticas britter, EC Sunshines Fia, EC S*Esteticas Mister Moonshine, IC S*Esteticas Tindra, IC S*Esteticas Ywette and IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed
IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed 15 months
IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed 2 years
IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed 3 years and GIC S*Esteticas Eloisa Enya 17 months
IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed 3 years ligger
IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed 3 years sitter
IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed 8 weeks
IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed and IC S*Esteticas Tessla
IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed and S*Esteticas Zorro 2 months
IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed and Zingfro Peach Melba, DM
IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed i träd 18 months
S*Esteticas Aurora and IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed 2 months