IP S*Esteticas Qurtis (Kurt)

In Memoriam

Kurtan was our cuddle cat. The second cat from our cattery we kept for ourselfs. Unusually ugly as a kitten, but so sweet that we could not sell him.

Name:IP S*Esteticas Qurtis (Kurt)
Colour:ds 12 (red shell silver/red silver tipped)
Sire:EC S*Esteticas Mister Moonshine
Dam:Quicksilver Sparkling Parade (Cassandra)
Some offsprings:
Some siblings:S*Esteticas Beata /P/M, S*Esteticas Blända /P/M, S*Esteticas Botvid /P/M, S*Esteticas Brynolf (Rufus) /P/M, S*Esteticas Quartz Crystal /P/M, S*Esteticas Quattro /P/M, S*Esteticas Quiet Pink Panter (Pantern) /P/M, IC&EP S*Esteticas Quincy Jones /P/M, EC S*Esteticas Qween Qwirri /P/M, S*Esteticas Röde Hubertus (Hubbe) /P/M, GIC S*Esteticas Saga /P, S*Esteticas Seline /P, S*Esteticas Stella /P, IC S*Esteticas Tessla /P, IC S*Esteticas Tindra /P, S*Esteticas Vanja /P, S*Esteticas Xenedra (Mia) /P/M, CH&PR S*Esteticas Xenon (Churchill) /P/M, S*Esteticas Xerxes /P/M, S*Esteticas Xter /P/M
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Images of the cat

CH&PR S*Esteticas Xenon (Churchill) and IP S*Esteticas Qurtis (Kurt)
IP S*Esteticas Qurtis (Kurt) and S*Esteticas Röde Hubertus (Hubbe) 6 weeks