In Memoriam

Here we have grouped our now dead cats.

They are much missed and the house feels very empty without them.

GIC S*Esteticas Eloisa Enya (Enya)GIC S*Esteticas Eloisa Enya
S*Esteticas Uranus (Uffe)S*Esteticas Uranus (Uffe)
IC S*Esteticas IrisIC S*Esteticas Iris
IC Laurin vum Rousegaard (Luxen)IC Laurin vum Rousegaard (Luxen)
IC S*Esteticas Syster Sötnos (Sötnos)IC S*Esteticas Syster Sötnos
Zingfro Peach Melba, DM (Melba)Zingfro Peach Melba, DM
EC S*Esteticas Mister Moonshine (Mister)EC S*Esteticas Mister Moonshine
EC Sunshines FiaEC Sunshines Fia
IC S*Pymans Jule Frida, DM (Frida)IC S*Pymans Jule Frida, DM
EC S*Brittanica's DelilaEC S*Brittanica's Delila
Quicksilver Sparkling Parade (Cassandra)Quicksilver Sparkling Parade (Cassandra)
IP S*Esteticas Qurtis (Kurt)IP S*Esteticas Qurtis (Kurt)