EC Sunshines Fia

In Memoriam

Our first silver Brit. Look at the photo of the 10 weeks old Fia, no wonder we fell in love with her. She became mother to M-, N- and U-litters. One of her sons, EC S*Esteticas Mister Moonshine, we kept for breeding.

Name:EC Sunshines Fia
Colour:ns 12 (chinchilla/black silver tipped)
Sire:IC Oskar
Dam:Elingcas Bianca
Some offsprings:S*Esteticas Mimmi Moonlight, S*Esteticas Mio Moonshadow, EC S*Esteticas Mister Moonshine, S*Esteticas Nikodemus, S*Esteticas Nimbus, S*Esteticas Nina Hagen, S*Esteticas Uno
Some siblings:Sunshines Zenobia /P, Sunshines Zäta /P
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Images of the cat

Five generations Esteticas britter, EC Sunshines Fia, EC S*Esteticas Mister Moonshine, IC S*Esteticas Tindra, IC S*Esteticas Ywette and IC&PR S*Esteticas Zed
EC Sunshines Fia 10 weeks
EC Sunshines Fia and S*Esteticas Uno 4 weeks
EC Sunshines Fia matta
EC Sunshines Fia soffa
EC Sunshines Fia spegel