EC S*Brittanica's Delila

In Memoriam

Delila was our first Brit and breeding cat. She became the mother of three beatiful bicolor litters and descendents of them are used for breeding today.

Name:EC S*Brittanica's Delila
Sire:Porsgården's Nobleman
Dam:IC&GIP Lamont Duchesse
Some offsprings:S*Esteticas Lady Morticia (Tici), S*Esteticas Lucia, S*Esteticas Lucifer, S*Esteticas Ofelia, S*Esteticas Orion, GIC S*Esteticas Othello, S*Esteticas Pepita, S*Esteticas Pepsi, S*Esteticas Petra, S*Esteticas Pralina
Some siblings:EC S*Brittannica's Otis Redding /M
Pedigree:Show the cats pedigree

Images of the cat

EC S*Brittanica's Delila
EC S*Brittanica's Delila and EC S*Esteticas Mister Moonshine oroar guldfisken
EC S*Brittanica's Delila and Helmy deklarerar
EC S*Brittanica's Delila kudde
EC S*Brittanica's Delila soffa