S*Esteticas Blända

Blända is from EC S*Esteticas Mister Moonshine's and Quicksilver Sparkling Parade (Cassandra)'s last litter and we wanted to keep her but was short of room for yet another cat. The solution was to own her jointly with another family, who wanted cats and kittens but didn't want all the extra bothers with breeding and selling kittens. This has worked brilliantly. The family now fully owns Blända and she is neutered.

PKD-negative (ultra sound tested 1999-11-18 Sven Ödman).

Blända is the mother to the D-litter, H-litter and J-litter.

Name:S*Esteticas Blända
Colour:ns 11 (black shaded silver/black silver tipped)
Sire:EC S*Esteticas Mister Moonshine
Dam:Quicksilver Sparkling Parade (Cassandra)
Some offsprings:S*Esteticas Dajm, S*Esteticas Dandy, S*Esteticas Dexter, S*Esteticas Diddie, CH S*Esteticas Dixie, S*Esteticas Hjärter Dam, CH S*Esteticas Hjärter Ess (Esset), S*Esteticas Hjärter Kung, S*Esteticas Hope Gem of Catpearl, S*Esteticas Jamas Soulis, S*Esteticas James Bond, S*Esteticas Jatzi, S*Esteticas Jemma, S*Esteticas Jingel, S*Esteticas Jinks
Some siblings:S*Esteticas Beata /P/M, S*Esteticas Botvid /P/M, S*Esteticas Brynolf (Rufus) /P/M, S*Esteticas Quartz Crystal /P/M, S*Esteticas Quattro /P/M, S*Esteticas Quiet Pink Panter (Pantern) /P/M, IC&EP S*Esteticas Quincy Jones /P/M, IP S*Esteticas Qurtis (Kurt) /P/M, EC S*Esteticas Qween Qwirri /P/M, S*Esteticas Röde Hubertus (Hubbe) /P/M, GIC S*Esteticas Saga /P, S*Esteticas Seline /P, S*Esteticas Stella /P, IC S*Esteticas Tessla /P, IC S*Esteticas Tindra /P, S*Esteticas Vanja /P, S*Esteticas Xenedra (Mia) /P/M, CH&PR S*Esteticas Xenon (Churchill) /P/M, S*Esteticas Xerxes /P/M, S*Esteticas Xter /P/M
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Images of the cat

S*Esteticas Blända, EC S*Esteticas Ariel (Amie) and S*Esteticas Aurora 2 months
S*Esteticas Blända 18 months
S*Esteticas Blända på hylla