Welcome to Esteticas

Breeder of British shorthair cats in Sweden, with the colours silver and golden tipped, also named british tipped. Here you will find lots of photos, pedigrees and other info. We sometimes have Kittens for sale. Latest updates:
  • Iza 6.5 weeks
    S*Esteticas Iza is now over 6 weeks, playful, sweet and beautiful and we have taken some new photos of her.
  • Iza 4 weeks
    S*Esteticas Iza is now 4 weeks, round bellied and bright eyed and we have taken some new photos of her.
  • Zinnea has given birth.
    S*Esteticas Zinnea and S*Esteticas Goding got one silver tipped female 2019-06-13. It was some drama and they are not out of the woods yet, the only kitten, S*Esteticas Iza, was born with a c-section and is being hand fed. We are exhausted so more info is coming later.
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