Welcome to Esteticas

Breeder of British shorthair cats in Sweden, with the colours silver and golden tipped, also named british tipped. Here you will find lots of photos, pedigrees and other info. We sometimes have Kittens for sale. Latest updates:
  • Healthy hearts 🧡
    S*Esteticas Goding and S*Esteticas Goldie has been examined by Lennart Nilsfors with ultrasound. Both had normal, healthy hearths with no trace of HCM 🧡
  • The kittens has moved out
    All kittens in the H2-litter has now moved to their new forever homes. We wish happiness to them and their new families!
  • Photos of H2-litter 16 weeks old!
    Now there are new photos of H2-litter 16 weeks old.
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